Monday, November 7, 2016


A few weeks ago, I realized I was behind in getting a start on a baby gift.  I rifled through my yarn stash and found a skein I thought would suit the pattern.  In my haste to begin, I DID NOT do a swatch, I DID NOT check my gauge, and I DID NOT check my needle size.   I began knitting along, only paying attention math wise, to increases and decreases and number of stitches on my needles.    About half way in, I stopped to really take a look at what I was creating.  Boy, did I wish I had done the math!  My sweater that was intended to fit a 9 month old, would probably fit a 10 year old!  Rats.  I was forced to frog the whole piece.  (Rip it, rip it, rip it.) 

I learned my lesson.  My second attempt involved making swatches and testing needle size.  The important thing to always remember in knitting is to think of the ratio of the thickness of the yarn to the size of the needle.  Make a swatch, count your stitches and compare that result to the recommend stitches per inch on the pattern and then make adjustments, if necessary.

While I always try to look at the cup half full, I sure wish I hadn’t wasted my time by not doing the math.  Winter is coming.