Monday, January 26, 2015

Kate Samson - Embedded Knitter

Hello World. 

There is a new girl on the knitting block...that girl is me.

I’m Kate.

I am a problem solver, a people watcher, a curious cat.

More formally, I am a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington. I study Cognitive Science and Philosophy (yet it seems that the more I learn the less I know). I am interested in ideas of embodied cognition; I like to think about the way people think about thinking.

A winding route of email correspondences led me (digitally) out west and back home when I wrote to Mike Eisenberg, a professor of computer science in Boulder, CO. I wanted to know more about his work with e-textiles. I wanted to make things! He wrote a response, in which he answered my questions, and then suggested that I talk with Kylie Peppler - faculty at IU.

I quickly searched for Kylie’s work and learned that she was engaged in research involving crafts, math, and learning sciences. “This stuff is awesome!” I remember thinking as I looked through through her papers. I wrote to Kylie and, rather serendipitously, it so happened that she was looking to grow the branches of her newest research endeavor.

The project is called Re-Crafting Mathematics. I currently wear the “embedded knitter” hat, which means that it is my mission to quite literally “embed” myself into the knitting community. In doing so, I will help to develop a detailed ethnography of women’s crafting circles in the Bloomington area. So far, my debut in the fiber arts world has been as bit, erm…knotty, as learning to knit is certainly not a piece of cake. However, I am learning, bit-by-bit, stitch-by-stitch, that the joy of making is addictive.

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