Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Woolly Thoughts: Mathekniticians

Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer are the creators of Woolly Thoughts, a book about wearable textiles and mathematical principles. The book provides patterns and instructions for knitters of different skill levels. The book is an exploration of modular knitting, which is a game-like way to make designs (think jigsaw puzzles).

Here's the revolutionary way to knit—easy, fun, and foolproof! You can make your own rules and mix your own colors, and you can't go wrong. All you have to do is master a single stitch. The techniques in Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer's illustrated book will show you how to make patchwork squares that you can assemble to create colorful sweaters of your own design.

More than 100 drawings and diagrams, plus four pages in full color, illustrate the step-by-step instructions for casting on, knitting, casting off, and sewing up. Even if you've never knitted before, you'll be able to make a sweater after reading the first section. If you're an experienced knitter, you'll find hundreds of ideas for designs, yarns, and textures. The possibilities are endless, and the more you explore, the more inventive you'll become.

Written by two mathematics teachers—one a keen knitter, the other an illustrator—Woolly Thoughts uses mathematical principles to make knitting in squares work every time. Everything you make will be the right size, no matter how tightly or loosely you knit. Forget about conventional knitting patterns, and give your imagination free rein with Ashforth and Plummer's patchwork knitting method.

The pair refer to themselves as “mathekniticians”, because they are fascinated by the mathematical possibilities present in knit and crochet craft. What’s more? They are a husband and wife team! Their book provides the knitter with a way to make wearable garments out of mathematical methods.

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