Monday, June 8, 2015

A lab that knits together learns together

The Re-Crafting Mathematics project is moving forward at full speed, and the Creativity Labs team is stitchin’ up something good in the crafting classroom!
The CL team learns to sew reusable shopping bags at Gail Hale's makerspace. 

Through a series of hands-on crafting workshops, the team has had the opportunity to collaboratively craft, think and learn about the implicit mathematics of traditional women’s crafts. We first learned to sew together from local making and crafting guru, Gail Hale. She introduced the CL team to sewing machines, bobbins, and lots of other fun tools (never underestimate the utility of wood-burning tool). More recently, we engaged in a group knitting lesson. Karen - an instructor and talented technical knitter at community craft shop, Yarns Unlimited - introduced the team to slip knots, cast on techniques, and of course, our beloved knits and purls.

Check out The Creativity Labs blog to read more about what happens when the CL team takes on the wonderfully woolly world of fiber arts.

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