Saturday, February 13, 2016

Math for Knitters

Every now and then we feature mathematical connections on this blog (we are, after all, trying to recraft mathematics education). Although we investigate the potential computational links in detail, we are not the only ones! In fact, many others see the underlying and inherent mathematics of crafts too.

Math for Knitters identifies and clarifies the function of mathematics in knitting. 

Recently, I came across the Very Pink Math for Knitters web page, which stays true to its title. What’s better? Each concept has an affiliated video embedded in the website, which helps to clarify the sneaky little bit of math that slips into your sweater or hat when you’re not thinking about it.  

Staci Perry, a knitter and knitting teacher in Austin, Texas, runs the Very Pink. Have a listen to what she has to say:

Have you thought about the way you rely on math in your cast on? Watch this video and I bet you will from now on!

How ‘bout increases and decreases? Can you see where the math comes in?

When it comes to knitting, math is a friend to all.

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